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Transmissions - ENGI 128 Introduction to Engineering...

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ENGI 128: Introduction to Engineering Systems Fall, 2013 Rice University September 5, 2013 Homework 2: Transmissions and Gearboxes Due: September 12, 2013 NOTE: Use a separate piece of paper for all work except for question 1 in Section 3. 1 Block Diagrams and Interfaces (2pts) For each terminal (arrow) on the following component blocks, specify three parameters of the interface type. Select one parameter from each of the following three categories: 1. electrical, mechanical, or chemical, 2. power or information, 3. input or output. For example, a battery would be labeled as follows: Battery electrical, power, output Label the remaining components in the same manner: Electric Motor Gasoline Motor Gearbox Encoder 2 Gears (2.5pts) For the questions in this section, red gears have 8 teeth, yellow gears have 24 teeth, and blue gears have 40 teeth. The input gear is the left-most gear, the output gear is the right most-gear. Compute the gear ratios for these arrangements of gears, also called geartrains : a. b. c. d. e.
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