Leader Election and Agreement

Collect enough data from section 3 to demonstrate the

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Unformatted text preview: data from section 3 to demonstrate the convergence time to the global average, and then the divergence from the global average due to communications errors. Make two plots. One plot should show the 12 global average estimates, one from each robot, on the same plot. Make a second plot with all the data combined that shows the global mean and variance over time. Write a 1.5 page report. Explicate the sources of error and potential utility of these algorithms in real applications. Explain the differences in the errors from agreement with messages and agreement with physical quantities. Conjecture if any message-passing algorithm can compute a perfect global average on these robots. Provide a strong counter argument if it is not possible, or an algorithm sketch if it is. The sketch can be short, around 2-3 lines. Note the advantages and disadvantages of this perfect algorithm, if it exists. 3 ver: 2009-01-31b...
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