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Leader Election and Agreement

Leader Election and Agreement - University of Washington...

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University of Washington CSE 481c: Multi-Robot Systems Lab 3: Leader Election and Agreement Janurary 22, 2009 Lab 3: Leader Election and Agreement Due: February 3, 2009 The goal of this lab is to design three different types of agreement algorithms: leader election, agreement by sharing data, and agreement by sharing physical quantities.. 1 Setup Before you start, update your copy of the SwarmBotAPI subversion repository, unzip the lab 3 source, and download the new SwarmOS to the robot. Review the documentation’s main file, index.html, located in the lab3 \ doc folder. This document will be a work in progress. If something seems broken or impossible, it proba- bly is. Please let me know about potential mistakes as soon as possible. 1.1 Downloading and Remote Commands There are a lot of robots in the lab these days. We need to be careful about sharing radio band- width. Use the command dwir to download software using the IR transmitters. This command uses the highest power setting on the IR system, which has a range of around 3 meters. Use the foam barriers to block your robots from other groups. Currently, all s commands are transmitted via RF. I’ll work on a fix for this, but in the meantime, refrain from using the s command while other groups are working in the lab. 2 Leader Election Design a leader election algorithm. Your algorithm should elect a single robot as leader, and all other robots should know which one is the leader. You can use your lab 2 code for broadcast flood tree construction, but don’t necessarily need to. This algorithm needs to be self-stabilizing. If the
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