Leader Election and Agreement

This rate might not be linear test your algorithm on

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Unformatted text preview: ors. This rate might not be linear. Test your algorithm on a network with at least 12 robots and a diameter of at least 4. Design a test for local convergence, and use the lights to indicate when the average has converged. Use the datalogger to record the average from all the robots simultaneously. Sample datalogger code and a data logger instruction handout will be available next week. 4 Agreement with Physical Quantities 4.1 Orienting This is a warm-up. Using two robots, use the rotateAngle() behavior and the nopClosest() neighbor operation to write a behavior that makes one robot face the same direction as another robot. If you want, you can use your leader election algorithm from section 2 to select the leader. The local coordinate system for the swarmBots is shown in Figure 1. 4.2 Agreement Write a behavior that has each robot face the average heading of all of its neighbors, but does not have the same type of errors: portions of the global quantity lost (or gained) because of missed messages. Hea...
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