Leader Election and Agreement

Use each robots id as the initial value each robot

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Unformatted text preview: ure. Use each robot’s ID as the initial value. Each robot computes a pairwise average with a random neighbor. Have the process continue indefinitely. Decide how your algorithm will handle missed messages - it can either make an error that will increase the global average, or one that will decrease the global average. Select one approach for the lab, but coordinate with the other teams to be sure that each approach is tested. Test your algorithm under two conditions: 1 ver: 2009-01-31b University of Washington CSE 481c: Multi-Robot Systems Lab 3: Leader Election and Agreement Janurary 22, 2009 θ xa robot a r bearing ya range ya robot b {range, bearing, orientation} orientation xa robot b {x, y, θ} robot a SwarmBot local coordinate systems Figure 1: SwarmBot local coordinate systems 1. A static configuration. 2. A dynamic configuration using the randomReflectMotion behavior. Run your algorithm long enough to measure the convergence rate and the divergence rate due to communications err...
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