Leader Election and Agreement

Use the foam barriers to block your robots from other

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Unformatted text preview: se the foam barriers to block your robots from other groups. Currently, all s commands are transmitted via RF. I’ll work on a fix for this, but in the meantime, refrain from using the s command while other groups are working in the lab. 2 Leader Election Design a leader election algorithm. Your algorithm should elect a single robot as leader, and all other robots should know which one is the leader. You can use your lab 2 code for broadcast flood tree construction, but don’t necessarily need to. This algorithm needs to be self-stabilizing. If the leader is moved or removed, a new leader should be selected. If the original leader is replaced, or any number of additional robots are added or removed, the algorithm should maintain a single leader in the group. Use the lights to indicate which robot is the leader. Test your algorithm on a network with at least 12 robots and a diameter of at least 4. Print the current leader ID to the console so you can see if it is working. 3 Agreement with Messages Design a distributed averaging algorithm similar to the calculator agreement demonstration we did in lect...
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