Bandwidth for High Speed Networks

Scalable compression and transmission of internet

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Unformatted text preview: ges 3 15, Zurich, Switzerland, September 1991. 14 D. Lin and R. Morris. Dynamics of random early detection. In Proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM '97, pages 127 137, Cannes, France, October 1997. 15 S. McCanne. Scalable Compression and Transmission of Internet Multicast Video. PhD dissertation, University of California Berkeley, December 1996. 16 J Nagle. On packet switches with in nite storage. IEEE Trans. On Communications, 354:435 438, April 1987. 17 Ucb lbnl vint network simulator - ns version 2. 18 A. Parekh and R. Gallager. A generalized processor sharing approach to ow control - the single node case. In Proceedings of the INFOCOM'92, 1992. 19 S. Shenker. Making greed work in networks: A game theoretical analysis of switch service disciplines. In Proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM'94, pages 47 57, London, UK, August 1994. 20 M. Shreedhar and G. Varghese. E cient fair queueing using de cit round robin. In Proceedings of SIGCOMM'95, pages 231 243, Boston, MA, September 1995. 21 D. Stilliadis and A. Varma. E cient fair queueing algorithms for packet-switched networks. IEEE ACM Transactions on Networking, 62:175 185, April 1998. 22 I. Stoica, S. Shenker, and H. Zhang. Core-stateless fair queueing: Achieving approximately fair banwidth allocations in high speed nteworks, June 1998. Technical Report CMU-CS-98-136, Carnegie Mellon University. 23 I. Stoica and H. Zhang. LIRA: A model for service di erentiation in the internet. In Proceedings of NOSSDAV'98, London, UK, July 1998. 24 Z. Wang. User-share di erentiation USD scalable bandwidth allocation for di erentiated services, May 1998. Internet Draft....
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