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Bandwidth for High Speed Networks

Accepted tra c rate b c if a if congested false

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Unformatted text preview: queuep; if prob 0 p:label = ; = relabel p = estimate p; dropped b estimate rateA; p; = est. arrival rate use Eq. 5 = if dropped == FALSE  b estimate rateF ; p; = est. accepted tra c rate = b  C if A if congested == FALSE  congested = TRUE ; start time = crt time; else if crt time start time + Kc b b = b  C=F ; start time = crt time; b else = A C = if congested == TRUE  congested = FALSE ; start time = crt time; tmp = 0; = use to compute new = else if crt time start time + Kc  tmp =maxtmp ; p:label; else b = tmp ; start time = crt time; tmp = 0; return b; Figure 2: The pseudocode of CSFQ. time the bu er over ows, b is decreased by a small xed percentage taken to be 1 in our simulations. Moreover, to avoid overcorrection, we make sure that during consecutive updates b does not decrease by more than 25. In addition, since there is little reason to consider a link congested if the bu er is almost empty, we apply the following rule. If the link becomes uncongested by the test in Figure 2, then we assume that it remains uncongested as long as the bu er occupancy is less than some prede ned threshold. In this paper we use a threshold that is half of the total bu er capacity. 2.2.3 Label Rewriting Our rate estimation algorithm in Section 2.2.1 allows us to label packets with their ow's rate as they enter the island. Our packet dropping algorithm described in Section 2.2.2 allows us to limit ows to their fair share of the bandwidth. After a ow experiences signi cant losses at a congested link inside the island, however, the packet labels are no longer an accurate estimate of its rate. We cannot rerun our estimation algorithm, because it involves per- ow state. Fortunately, as note in Section 2.1 the outgoing rate is merely the minimum between the incoming rate and the fair rate . Therefore, we rewrite the the packet label L as Lnew = minLold ; ; 7 By doing so, the outgoing ow rates will be properly represented by the packet lab...
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