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Nochlins writing at least from my perspective as a

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Unformatted text preview: y are saying is negative, they are drawing attention to it. Renoir’s work has seen its fair share of attention, good and bad, over the past century. “Now, by the decade of the 1880s, stimulated by the dealer system and a competitive market extending as far as the United States, the unique artist was encouraged to produce identifiable objects: it was no longer a question of “Impressionist works” but of “Monets” or “Renoirs.”” (Nochlin 467) According to Nochlin, Renoir quickly made a name for himself. He effectively transcended the Impressionists by becoming an internationally sought after artist. It seems that this is the point at which Renoir cemented his status in history by 5 becoming a product of his own familiarity. His name became synonymous with expensive art and transformed ‘a painting by Renoir,’ into simply ‘a Renoir.’ The sudden curiosity from the public was fueled by his triumph in the art market and the newly formed mystic surrounding his name. It’s almost as if the name “Renoir” had become an advertising jingle that people subconsciously became accustomed to hearing on a day to day basis. Nochlin is among the people who have heard the name ‘Renoir’ repeated countless times. But since she considers herself an authority on art, and feels the current prestige behind his works directly conflicts with her feminist views, she sets out to change to connotation of ‘Renoir.’ Although Nochlin gives valid reasons as to why she doesn’t appreciate Renoir’s bathers and why she believes it shouldn’t be as famous of a painting as it is, she is only making his work more familiar to the masses. Quite honestly, before reading Nochlin’s essay I would have known Renoir was a famous artist, but I wouldn’t have been able to name any of his works, his style, or...
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