Both brutal imagination and the ap article have

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Unformatted text preview: still is associated with that word that has so many positive social connotations, ‘mother’. In the AP article she is presented as a person full of regret, a person who misses her children, a person who was a mother. Although she committed a heinous act, she still comes across as a woman who lost her two boys and is in a deep state of despair. The AP article recounts Smith’s confession according to Union County Sheriff Howard Wells, who goes on to say, “She made a statement at the time, ‘I’m so ashamed. I’m so ashamed.’ Then she asked me for my gun so she could shoot herself.” (AP 7) Someone reading the article doesn’t just see a killer, they see a mother in misery. 3 Susan Smith was a murderer. Susan Smith was a mother. This is why the case is unique. Opinions are going to be conflicted when there is someone defies the norm and can’t be easily categorized...
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