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Susan smith called the police after the disappearance

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Unformatted text preview: by society. But why do the articles represent Smith in such different ways? Both Brutal Imagination and the AP article have agendas. The AP article featured in the Bangor Daily News had one goal, to sell newspapers. It is much easier to sell newspapers if you have a mother who killed her children rather than a killer who happens to be a mother. The AP article does this in a subtle manner. The investigator explains, “Ms. Smith took his hand and asked that they pray together.” (AP 7) This part of the article implies that she realizes the error of her ways, leading the reader to believe she has ‘seen the light’ in less than two weeks after killing her boys. FBI agent Carol Allison was also mentioned in the article because she “let Ms. Smith cry in her lap for two hours.” (AP 7) It is also interesting how she is constantly referred to as ‘Ms. Smith’ while in other articles from...
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