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Susan smith is a mother but she doesnt fit the

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Unformatted text preview: r body. Eady uses Smith’s own written confession at the end of his poem, and when questioning why her life was so miserable and bad she responds by stating, “I have no answers / To these questions.” (Smith qtd. in Eady 200) Brutal Imagination ends without answering Smith’s questions and leaves the reader to assume there was no sort of method behind her madness. Mothers are viewed as the most caring, gentle, and loving people in society. People view their mothers’ as someone they can turn to in a time of weakness, because there is always that special unconditional love that only a mother can provide for their children. Susan Smith is a mother, but she doesn’t fit the typical image of a mother because she is a killer. She is not an ordinary killer though; she murdered her own children. This totally contradicts everything motherhood is meant to represent. Although Smith did kill her young boys, she...
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