Bathers Reading Log 2

3 the reality of bathing was a long way from renoirs

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Unformatted text preview: critique aimed at naked goddesses lolling about on the banks of classical or Edenic shores, but rather at modern women emerging from locker rooms, learning the strokes and the dives, taking showers before and after, and eyeing one another in bathing suits.” 3. The reality of bathing was a long way from Renoir’s Great Bathers. In these realistic paintings there is social context; the pools were crowded scenes. 643 “The woman is someone we know from the ads of our own day: sprightly, up- to- date, come- hither, her sexuality already functioning as a visual sign of exchange value in much the way we take for granted in modern advertising.” 4. Emile Levi’s poster which advertises one of the public pools of the day is interesting because over a hundred years ago advertising still worked in the same fundamental way, by...
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