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6 nochlin raises the idea that these impressionists

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Unformatted text preview: using sexuality to sell. 464 “I would like to make clear that I consider Great Bathers an ambitious but badly flawed painting rather than a masterpiece – a record of conflicting desires, intentions, and practices, and interesting as such.” 5. Nochlin returns to her main opinion, which discusses her criticisms of the Great Bathers. 467 “Renoir and his fellow artists felt, not incorrectly, that Impressionism’s brief communal enterprise had blurred and blunted the uniqueness of individual styles and personalities.” 6. Nochlin raises the idea that these Impressionists painters all had a similar style and approach to the same subject matter. She points out that their success could have been a result of a collective effort, not as individuals. 467 “One might call it ‘bending...
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