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Chapter 1 Workshop Scenario Acadia Manufacturing is a national supplier of building security systems for several Fortune 500 commercial construction firms. You, Susan Stephenson, are the operations manager for Acadia's Midwest division. There are 3 other divisions - Eastern Seaboard, Southwest, and West Coast. Corporate headquarters is in Princeton, New Jersey. Commercial construction has been booming across the country for the past 2 years with no visible end in sight. As a result, Acadia's sales have grown. This up tick in business has increased the number of calls to all division Call Centers and that volume continues to grow. However, fierce price competition in the security system manufacturing industry has caused profit margins to decline. Therefore, Acadia Manufacturing has put a hiring freeze in place until further notice. In order to handle the increasing call volumes without adding headcount, you and your team decided to pilot a new automated Call Center software package for your division six months ago. So far, the results are excellent.
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ib_p01_email - Chapter 1 Workshop Scenario Acadia...

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