Study Notes- Constitutional Law

It lowered the standard for analyzing restrictions of

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Unformatted text preview: created in spite of its effect on women rather than because of its effect, it is constitutional. Other Classifications • Drug Users: In NYC Transit Authority v. Beazer, a rule prohibited employees of the TA from using narcotics, and applied it to methadone, a drug used in the treatment of heroin addiction. The SC applied a rational basis review saying that even though the rule was overinclusive because it prevented methadone users who may have been • • qualified to work, the special classification was not suspect. Moreover, the state’s purpose of furthering safety and efficiency in its public transportation was a legitimate state purpose. Therefore, the SC deferred to the judgement of the TA. Homosexuality: rational basis test, but really strayed from this approach and applied something stronger. Under a rational basis review, the SC should have considered whether there was any plausible reason why the law may be legitimate. Given that the law classified homosexuals specifically to make them unequal under the law, the SC held that this was not a legitimate gov’t interest....
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