Case Briefs- Social Change

Answer yes bezio v parenaude a finding that a parent

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Unformatted text preview: vis- à- vis a non- parent will be maintained if at all consistent with the child’s best interest. The adoptive parent must establish that continuance of the relationship between the natural parent and the child would be detrimental to the child’s welfare. Aside from the lesbian relationship, the petitioners were unable to give any valid reason why this woman should be permanently deprived of her child. If Jane Doe is an unfit parent, it is solely her lesbian relationship which renders her unfit and the consequences of this must be detrimental to the child’s welfare. The petitioners introduced no evidence to establish this fact. Counsel for petitioners conceded that he is asking the Court to hold that a woman who is lesbian and a an who is a homosexual are per se unfit to be parents and points to pe...
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