Case Briefs- Social Change

Defendant compelled plaintiff to leave his household

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Unformatted text preview: ulated as a result of their efforts. Plaintiff agreed to give up a lucrative career as a singer and entertainer and assume the role of homemaker, with defendant agreeing to provide for all of plaintiff’s financial support. Defendant compelled plaintiff to leave his household in May of 1970, and continued to provide support to her until November of 1971. Thereafter, he refused to provide further support. Plaintiff brought suit to enforce the oral agreement, claiming that she was entitled to half the property and to support payments. The trial court granted judgment on the pleadings for the defendant. However, a contract between nonmarital partners is unenforceable only to the extent that it explicitly rests on the consideration of meretricious sexual services. Courts should look to the consideration underlying such agreements to determine there enforcement. Previous precedent...
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