Case Briefs- Social Change

Defendants maintained that they owed no duty of care

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Unformatted text preview: v. Superior Court of El Dorado County (expansion of parental duty) Facts: Each of two women in lesbian relationship became artificially inseminated. The primary breadwinner delivered on child and the other delivered twins. When the women’s relationship ended, the primary breadwinner refused to pay child support for the twins. Rule of Law: A woman who is to the biological parent of her former lesbian partner’s twins can be considered a parent of the twins for the purposes of establishing a support obligation. Holding & Decision: Yes. There is no reason that both parents of children cannot be women. Finding no parental obligation based solely on Elisa’s lack of a biological relationship with twins would cause an unpreferred result to leaving the children fatherless. On the other hand, finding Elisa to be a parent of twins ensures that those children will enjoy the benefits of having two parents....
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