Case Briefs- Social Change

Doe v doe best interest of child based on bond to

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Unformatted text preview: he Iowa Supreme Court reversed and gave custody to Dwight and Margaret. o The Iowa Supreme Court found that Harold, Dwight and Margaret were all generally fit to be parents, even though they had very different lifestyles. o The Court applied a best interests test and found that Dwight and Margaret's "stable, dependable, conventional, middleclass, Midwest background" provided a more solid background than Harold’s "Bohemian approach to finances and life in general." Harold was a freelance writer and photographer. And, since this was the 1960s, it sounds like was most likely a 'long- haired hippy'. o While the Court found that Harold's home would be "unconventional, arty, Bohemian, and probably intellectually stimulating," they found that "se...
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