Case Briefs- Social Change

Synopsis of rule of law a defendant owes a duty of

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Unformatted text preview: facts to be sufficient change of condition to warrant modification of a child custody order. Answer: Yes. Bezio v. Parenaude: “A finding that a parent is unfit to further the welfare of the child must be predicated upon parental behavior which adversely effects the child. The State may not deprive parents of custody of children simply because their households fail to meet the ideals approved by the community or simply because the parents embrace ideologies or pursue lifestyle at odds with the average.” Psychologist testifies and say it is in child’s best interest to be taught the prevailing morals of society, and that homosexuals frequently combat disapproving flares and very definitely encounter prejudices. Ultimately, son will have to make a choice between his mother and society and somehow reconcile it within himself. Elisa B....
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