Case Briefs- Civil and Constitutional Law Part 2

Held no judgment of the lower court affirmed the

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Unformatted text preview: not survive the incident. Six youths were soon indicted for the murder and rape. Although there was substantial press coverage of the crime and subsequent developments, the identity was not disclosed pending trial because Georgia state statute made it a misdemeanor to publish or broadcast the name or identity of a rape victim. Synopsis of Rule of Law. The First and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution (Constitution) will not allow exposing the press to liability for truthfully publishing information released to the public in official court records. Facts. In the course of the trial of the matter, the Appellant No. 1, Wassell (Appellant No. 1), a reporter, learned the name of the victim from an examination of the indictments. Later, Appellant No. 1 broadcast over station WSB- TV, a television station owned by the Appellant No. 2, Cox Broadcasting Corp. (Appellant), a news report of the proceedings. The report named the vi...
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