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Case Briefs- Civil and Constitutional Law Part 2

The act says that unlawful practice of discrimination

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Unformatted text preview: requires discrimination complaints to made within 180 days of the employer's discriminatory conduct. The jury had examined Ledbetter's entire career for evidence of discrimination, but Goodyear argued that the jury should only have considered the one annual salary review that had occurred within the 180- day limitations period before Ledbetter's complaint. Court ruled that Ledbetter's claim was time- barred by Title VII's limitations period. The opinion by Justice Samuel Alito held that "current effects alone cannot breathe life into prior, uncharged discrimination." For a timely claim, Ledbetter would have needed to file within 180 days of a discriminatory salary decision; the Court did not consider it significant that paychecks she received during the 180 days prior to her claim were affected by the past discrimination. Discriminatory intent is a crucial element of a Title VII disparate- treatment claim, the Court held, but each instance of Goodyear's discriminatory intent fell outside the limitations period. The majority noted that the short time limit was enacted to ensure quick resolution of pay discrimination disputes, which can become more difficult to defend against as time passes. *There was a Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 which begins by saying that Congress finds the Ledbetter case significantly impairs statutory protections against discrimination that have been bedrock principles of American law and that the case unduly restricts the time period in which victims of discrimination can challenge and recover for discriminatory compensation decisions. The act says that unlawful practice of discrimination in pay starts the clock again each time the discriminatory paycheck is given out. Isb...
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