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Case Briefs- Workplace and Marketplace Safety

Injury arising in the course of his employment shall

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Unformatted text preview: negligence, according to the schedule contained…Provided, that no compensation shall be paid when the injury or death is intentionally self- inflicted, or is caused by the employees’ violation of law, but the burden of proof of such fact shall be upon the employer.” “Injury and personal injury shall be construed to mean an injury to an employee, regardless of his previous physical condition, arising in the course of his employment and related thereto, and such disease or infection as naturally results from the injury or is aggravated, reactivated, or accelerated by the injury.” “Injury arising in the course of his employment shall not include an injury caused by an act of a third person intended to injure the employee because of reasons personal to him, and not directed against him as an employee or because of his employment, but shall include...
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