Case Briefs- Workplace and Marketplace Safety

Rule mental injuries are valid claims of workers

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Unformatted text preview: terioration) An employee who has an emotional breakdown as a result of being told that she will be laid off from one department and transferred to another one, has suffered a personal injury “arising out of and in the course of employment.” Emotional disability, if caused by employment, is a compensable personal injury. A disability arises out of an in the course of employment if it is attributable to the nature, conditions, obligations or incidents of the employment; in other words, to employment looked at in any of its aspects. We have no doubt that that event was such an incident, particularly in view of the long- standing principle that workers comp should be construed whenever possible in favor of the employee as to promote the accomplishment of its beneficent design. Cases involving injuries due to gradual deterioration, or bodily wear and tear—when disability results nor form a single work- related event or series of events—a causal relationship between employment and the disability can only be established showing...
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