Case Briefs- Workplace and Marketplace Safety

United states v rutherford fda deference people with

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Unformatted text preview: d seriousness of deviation 2. completeness of the deviation (abandonment of duty or commingled with performance of duty) 3. the extent to which the practice of horseplay had become an accepted part of the employment 4. the extent to which the nature of the employment may be expected to include horseplay It is not essential to compensability that the activities of an employee emanate from an obligatory in function or result in so specific benefit to the employee, as long as they are sufficiently incidental to the work itself as to be properly considered as arising out of an in the course of employment, Tulare v. WCAB (Coming & Going + Special Mission) Because he was driving a marked police vehicle with the radio turned on and could respond to emergency calls if needed. Coming and go...
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