Case Briefs- Workplace and Marketplace Safety

Workmens compensation appeal board v bernard s pincus

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Unformatted text preview: his injuries performing services growing out of and incidental to his employment and while he was engaged in the performance of an act which was probably negligent, certainly silly and unnecessary, he was still in the course of his employment when he was accidentally injured. Workmen’s Compensation Appeal Board v. Bernard S. Pincus Co. (Expansion of Worker’s Comp + Exceptions) Question: whether the fatal heart attacks suffered by claimants’ decedents were injuries related to their employment so as to be compensable under PA worker’s comp. There is evidence that the heart attacks were related to the employment activity being performed by the deceased prior to their deaths. The state statute: “Every employer shall be liable for compensation for personal injury to, or for the death of each employee, by an injury in the course of his employment, and such compensation shall be paid in all cases by the employer, without regard to...
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