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In words energy at point 1 energy added energy at

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Unformatted text preview: site to what you learned. Thermal ­Fluid Fundamentals •  Second Law of Thermodynamics Thermal ­Fluid Fundamentals •  ConservaYon of Mass and Momentum •  Recall, that momentum is a vector equaYon! Thermal ­Fluid Fundamentals •  ConservaYon of Mechanical Energy •  Here again the convenYon is pumps “add energy to fluid”, while turbines “extract energy from the fluid”. •  In words, Energy at Point 1 + Energy Added = Energy at Point 2 + Energy Converted + Losses Thermal ­Fluid Fundamentals •  The extended Bernoulli equaYon: ȹ P1 V12 ȹ ȹ P2 V22 ȹ ȹ + ȹ − ȹ + ȹ = ( z2 − z1 ) + ∑ hlosses 2 2 g Ⱥ ȹ γ g Ⱥȹ γ Elevation −Change System − Losses Total − Pr essure − Difference € •  Recall, it is differences in total pressure...
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