Most engineers will work with codes when designing

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Unformatted text preview: that drive flow, not staYc pressure alone!!! •  If the flow speed changes, then there may be staYc pressure recovery. Understanding Mechanical Energy Examples – Review of CV Analysis •  We will consider some examples from Fluids and Thermodynamics to re ­iterate the control volume analysis concepts. Mechanical Equipment Codes Engineering Codes •  Present course deals with the fundamentals related to mechanical equipment design. •  We are also concerned with component and system performance characterisYcs for overall design. •  Most engineers will work with codes when designing new systems or integraYng systems. •  Common codes include: ASME, ASHRAE, API, and TEMA to name a few. Codes: ASHRAE •  American Society of HeaYng, RefrigeraYng, and Air Condi...
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