Draft marks on the stern end of a river barge drift

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Unformatted text preview: the parts of ship so that they will be fair, that is, without kinks, bumps, or waves. Draft marks on the stern end of a river barge. Drift Pin ----A small tapered tool used in aligning holes in adjacent members. Drop Strake ----A strake discontinued near the bow or stern. Drydock ----A watertight vessel fitted with pumps and valves usually built in a u-shape. The valves are opened, the vessel sinks, the vessel to be docked is pulled over the drydock deck, the valves are closed and the pumps are started, as the drydock becomes more buoyant, drydocking the vessel to be repaired. Fairlead ----A fitting through or over which a rope, line, etc., may be led so as to change its direction without excessive friction. Fairwater ----Plate or casting used to preserve streamline flow past hull structure or propeller hub. Fathom ----Six feet. Fathometer ----A device to measure the depth of water, by timing the travel of a sound wave from the ship to the ocean bottom and return. Faying Surface ----The contact surface between two adjoining parts. Fender ----A portable device to protect a ship when bumping a pier; sometimes made of wood, rope, etc.; permanently installed extension which protects the hull of a ship in docking. Fidley ----Casing top over boiler room. E6002 – Ship Terms & Definitions p. 10 © C.G.Daley Fidley Hatch ----A hatch over boiler room. Figurehead -- The bust, often of a woman, on the bow of a vessel, just under the bowsprit. Flagstaff ----Flagpole at stern of ship; ensign staff. Flange ----A part of a plate or shape at, or nearly at, right angles to main port; to bend over to form an angle. Foundations, Auxiliary ----Supports for small machinery, such as winches, condensers, heaters, etc. Frames ----Ribs forming the skeleton of a ship. Frames ----Continuous Frames combining side frames and floors. Flotsam ----Floating objects or debris in the water - wreckage that floats after a vessel sinks. Frame Line ----The intersection of the moulded surface with a vertical plane perpendicular to the centerline (transverse plane). Frame lines are shown in the body plan of the lines drawing. They get their name from the fact that shell "frames" or ribs usually are made to this shape and installed transversely in the ship. The lines drawing consists of three views; a half-breadth plan, a profile view, and a body plan (See Fig. 7). These views each show only one side of the ship (usually, the port side), because all dimensions for the starboard are equal and to the opposite 'hand'; that is, the ship is symmetrical about the center line. Fore and Aft ----In line with the length of the ship, longitudinally. Frame, Side ----Frame inside a ship, above and connecting to margin plate or floor plates. Fore and Aft Gangway ----A walkway between deckhouses at or near centerline of ship. Frame Spacing ----The fore and aft distance between adjacent frames. Forebody ----A hull form forward of the midship section. Frame, Web ----A heavy side or continuous frame, made with web plate for extra stiffness. Forecastle ----The forward upper portion of the hull, sometimes used for the crew's quarters. Freeboard ----The vertical distance from the upper watertight deck to waterline, when the ship is fully loaded. Flare ----The sudden widening of the shell at top near the bow. Flat ----A small partial deck (built level) without curvature. Floor ----The lower portion of a transverse frame, usually a vertical plate extending from center line to bilge, and from inner to outer bottom. Forefoot ----The part of the keel which curves and rises to meet the Stem. Freeboard Mark ----(See Plimsoll mark.) Forepeak ----The large compartment or tank, at the bow in the lower part of the ship. Freeing Port ----Hole through bulwark which provides ready drainage of water from deck. Forepeak Bulkhead ----Collision bulkhead; bulkhead nearest bow. Funnel ----A smokestack of a vessel. Forging ----Steel worked to special shape by hammering while red hot. Furnace ----A heater or large forge for heating plates or shapes for bending; to bend by heating in furnace. Forward----Near, at, or toward, the bow of the ship. Forward Perpendicular (F.P.)----A vertical line through the intersection of the stem with the load water line. Foundations ----Supports for boilers, engines, and auxiliary machinery. G Galley ----A cook room or kitchen. Galley Dresser ----A cook's work table. E6002 – Ship Terms & Definitions p. 11 © C.G.Daley Galvanizing ----Coating metal parts with zinc for protection from rust. Gangway ----A passageway, a ladder, or other means of boarding a ship. Garboard Strake ----The course of plates next to the keel of a ship. Gasket ----Packing of canvas composition, or other material, used in making a tight joint. Girder ----Fore and aft stiffening member for deck or bottom shell. Girth ----Any expanded length. Grab Rods ----Bent rods welded to bulkheads or ship's side to form a ladder. Grating ----Light platform or walkway built up of metal bars, used for access to machinery. Graving Dock ----A...
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