Lazarette ships storeroom between decks length between

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Unformatted text preview: to slide down on greased skids, called launching ways. Laying Out ----Marking plates or shapes, for shearing, punching, etc. Lazarette ----Ship's storeroom between decks. Length Between Perpendiculars----The length of a ship measured from the forward perpendicular to the after perpendicular. Knuckle plates. These plates have been shaped to the exact radius needed for the vessel. They have been sandblasted and coated on the inside to stop corrosion inside the vessel. Kort Nozzles ----A steel tube that surrounds a propeller, directing the water and improving efficiency. Length Over All ----The length of a ship measured from the extreme forward end to the aftermost point of the stern. Lift ----To make a template from measurements taken from the job. Lightening Hole ----A hole cut in a member to reduce its weight. Limber Hole ----A small hole cut in a plate near the bottom to permit the passage of water. Liner ----A flat or tapered strip of steel placed under a plate or shape to bring the member in line with another which it overlaps. A filler. Lines ----The form of a ship as represented by its moulded surface. Kort nozzles are engineered to improve the flow around the propellers. They are similar in some ways to an airplane propeller. The propeller shaft on this vessel is being 'pulled'. Propulsion systems on vessels are inspected and worn parts are replaced at each drydock opportunity. L List ----To lean over to one side. Load Waterline ----Line of surface of water on a ship when loaded to designed draft. Ladder ----Inclined steps, used aboard ship in place of "stairs." Loftsman ----A workman in the mold loft, who lays down ship lines and makes templates. Lap ----A joint in which one part overlaps the other, thus avoiding the use of a butt strap; also, the amount of overlap. Longitudinal ----A shell, deck, or bulkhead stiffener running fore and aft. These run fore and aft from bulkhead to bulkhead, except in the shelter and upper decks, where some are broken by hatch interference. They give strength and E6002 – Ship Terms & Definitions p. 14 © C.G.Daley rigidity to the framework and shell. They are connected and welded at the flange of the channel to the shell or deck. Lug Pad ---A projection on deck with hole for fastening a block for a lead. M Main Deck ----Usually the deck immediately below the shelter or weather deck. Actually, when the ship has been built, the thickness of the plating will extend outside of the moulded surface. "Outside" strakes of plating do not touch the moulded surface if they have a liner against the shell frame. The heel of each shell frame is in this moulded surface (unless joggled). It should be remembered that this moulded surface is not an actual part of the ship. It is almost exactly the shape which a thin piece of sheet rubber would take if stretched tightly over the shell frames and main deck beams with no plating in place. (See Fig. 1) Manhole ----A hole cut in a bulkhead, tank top, etc., to allow the passage of a man. Margin Plate ----The outboard row of plates of the inner bottom, connecting to the shell plating to the bilge. Marlinspike ----A pointed tapering tool which is used in separating strands of rope or cable in splicing. Mast ----A large long spar, placed nearly vertical on the center line of a ship. Mess Room ----A dining room for officers or crew. Midship ----At or near the middle point of a ship's length. Midship Section ----A cross section through the ship, midway between the forward and after perpendiculars. Mold Loft ----A shed or building with large, smooth floor on which the lines of a ship can be drawn to full scale. Mooring ----Securing a ship in position by several lines or cables, so that she cannot move or swing; anchoring. Mooring Pipe ----A casting which prevents chafing of mooring lines passing through bulwark plating. Mould or Mold ----A light pattern of a part of a ship usually made of thin wood or paper. Also called a template. Moulded Surface ----The inside surface of the skin, or plating, of a ship. The moulded surface has no thickness, and is fair and smooth. N Net Tonnage ----A figure obtained by making deduction from the gross tonnage for space not available for carrying cargo. O Oakum ----Untwisted fibers of old rope treated with a composition of resin and pitch, used to fill seams of wooden decks. Offset ----To move out of line or position. Offsets ----A table of moulded dimensions for waterlines, decks, etc. Oil Tight ----Sealed by welding or caulking to prevent oil leakage. E6002 – Ship Terms & Definitions p. 15 © C.G.Daley Old Man ----A rig for holding a drilling machine. On Board ----On or in the ship. vessel is on a dry-dock. The painter is using an air-less paint system. The paint is under very high pressure (1,000 lbs or more). The coating protects the steel hull from corrosion. On Deck ----On the upper deck; in the open air. Outboard ----Away from the centerline, towards the side of a ship. Overbo...
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