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E6002 – Ship Terms & Definitions p. 1 © C.G.Daley SHIP TERMS AND DEFINITIONS A Abaft ----Aft of; farther aft than. Access Holes ---- Holes cut in ship's structure to permit entering or leaving various compartments. Accommodation Ladder ---- A portable set of steps on a ship's side for the accommodation of people boarding from small boats or from a pier. Aft ----Toward, at, or near stern. After ----- Nearer stern. Aftermost ---- Nearest the stern. After Body ---- Hull form aft of the midship section. After Peak ---- The compartment in the narrow part of the stern, aft of the last water-tight bulkhead. After Peak Bhd .---- Watertight bulkhead farthest aft. After Perpendicular (A.P.) ---- A vertical line usually at the after end of the rudder post. If there is no rudder post, it usually is taken at the center of the rudder stock. Air Hammer ---- Hammer driven by compressed air for riveting, or chipping. Sometimes called an air gun or "gun." Air Port ----A circular opening or window through the ship's, or deck house, for light or ventilation. Amidships ----At or near the midship section of the ship. Anchor ---- A heavy hook-shaped device for holding a ship at rest in water. The anchor grips the ocean bottom and is fastened to the ship by a chain. Angle Clip ---- A short piece of angle bar. Angle Collar ----A ring made of angle bar. Anneal ----To soften metal by heating and allowing it to cool slowly. Anode ----Zink or aluminum or some such alloy that is fixed to the hull of a vessel. They are 'eaten' up by electrical currents moving from the vessel to the water. The anode is sacrificed to protect the metal hull of the vessel - without the anode, the hull plating would be disolved by electrolysis. This anode has been partly sacrificed by electrolysis on this vessel. It is still in good enough shape to keep on the vessel and is doing its intended job very well. This is a new anode on a vessel , it has been welded in place. The shipyard did a good job of not painting the anode. Aperture ----A recess in which the propeller is located.
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