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Caravel Academy 2017-2018 Reading Course Guidelines—Grade 7 Mrs. Mary Beardsley Dear Seventh Grade Reading Students and Parents, Welcome to my classroom! This will be a wonderful year of building upon skills already learned while mastering new ones. We will delve into several fascinating pieces of literature, continue to refine speaking and listening skills, expand vocabulary, and improve reading comprehension. The following guidelines clarify my routines and expectations. I look forward to a fantastic year! Supplies--You will need the following supplies each day in class: 1. Your laptop, charged nightly 2. One 1” 3-ring binder 3. Supply of lined paper 4. Pencils/pens (blue, black, and red ink) 5. Five dividers Expectations I expect that all students be prepared, courteous, and respectful of everyone in the classroom. Furthermore, they should arrive before the bell, be seated, and begin the day’s work. The third lateness during a marking period may result in a detention. Students should have homework neatly completed and ready to check before they enter the room. Leaving the Classroom Try not to leave the room during class. If you must use the restroom, you must get permission, sign out, leave quietly, and return quickly. Only one person is allowed out of the room at a time. We
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