6 you are conducting a genome wide scan of genetic

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Unformatted text preview: ation that is not. 6. You are conducting a genome wide scan of genetic diversity in humans and find that there is a remarkably HIGH level of diversity (i.e. lots of polymorphisms from one individual to the next) in a small region in the top arm of chromosome 12. What kind of selection most likely generated this pattern? Provide a specific example of this type of selection. [Your example does not need to come from humans.] 7. For each of the following sets of haploid genotype frequencies, calculate the linkage disequilibrium coefficient (D) and state whether the AB genotype occurs with more, less, or the same frequency as you would expect at random given the allele frequencies: i. F(AB) = 0.3; F(Ab) = 0.2; F(aB) = 0.3; F(ab) = 0.2 ii. F(AB) = 0.4; F(Ab) = 0.1; F(aB) = 0.2; F(ab) = 0.3 iii. F(AB) = 0.2; F(Ab) = 0.3; F(aB) = 0.4; F(ab) = 0.1 8. You have discovered an interesting new leaf color variant in pea plants. You have some wild-type plants with the typical green leaf color and some plants with...
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