You suspect that a mutation in the chloroplast genome

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Unformatted text preview: all yellow leaves. You suspect that a mutation in the chloroplast genome may be responsible for this change in pigment. Describe a crossing experiment that you could conduct to test this hypothesis. What results would you expect to find if your suspicion is correct that the mutation that is responsible for the yellow-leaf phenotype is in the chloroplast genome? 9. You are performing crosses between two mice that are both heterozygous (D1D2) for a mutation in the centromere region. Assume that the D1 allele is found in 90% of eggs produced by heterozygous females, but that sperm produced by heterozygous males exhibit the normal 1:1 ratio of D1 to D2 genotypes. a. What genotypic segregation ratio will this monohybrid cross produce? b. Explain why it is biologically reasonable to imagine that a mutation in the centromere would alter the genotype ratios in oogenesis but not in spermatogenesis....
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