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nonlinear mech466 automatic control 6 history of

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Unformatted text preview: ) Nonlinear MECH466 : Automatic Control 6 History of Automatic Control Aleksandr Lyapunov (1857-1918) (1857Russian mathematician University of Saint Petersburg Stability analysis Year: 1892 2008/09 MECH466 : Automatic Control Long-distance telephone service Longby eliminating • Distortions (disturbance rejection) (disturbance rejection) • Noises (noise rejection) (noise rejection) It can be unstable…. (Nyquist!) It unstable… (Nyquist!) 7 2008/09 MECH466 : Automatic Control 8 2 History of Automatic Control History of Automatic Control Harry Nyquist (1889-1976) (1889American research engineer Bell Telephone Laboratories Nyquist stability criterion Year: 1932 Year: Hendrik W. Bode (1905-1982) (1905American research engineer Bell Telephone Laboratories Bode plot (1938) (1938) Feedback amplifiers (1945) (1945) Stability of feedback amplifiers Stability Frequency domain (Earlier stability Frequency analyses are in time domain.) Cauchy’s theorem in complex Cauchy’ function theory 2008/09 MECH466 : Automatic Control Sensitivity Sensitivity Bode integral formula Bode Frequency domain feedback Frequency design and analysis 9 History of Automatic Control 2008/09 Walter R. Ev...
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