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MECH 466 - Lecture23-HistoryofControlandSummary-2009W

Design mechanical engineering electrical engineering

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Unformatted text preview: nical engineering Electrical engineering Chemical engineering Civil engineering Aerospace engineering Design specs Root locus Frequency domain Environmental engineering Computer engineering Mechatronics Nanotechnology Medicine, Economics, Biology Model PID & Lead-lag Lead- Automatic Control Design examples Computer Physics Chemistry Hardware (Sensors & actuators) Mathematics Matlab simulations & laboratories 2008/09 MECH466 : Automatic Control 17 2008/09 MECH466 : Automatic Control 18 Announcements Final exam: Letter-size cheat sheet, calculator not Final Letterallowed Apr 21 (Tuesday) 3:30-6:00pm. Room: CHBE101 Apr 3:30Read UBC exam guideline. Read http://www.students.ubc.ca/current/exams.cfm?page=guidelines http://www.students.ubc.ca/current/exams.cfm?page=guidelines Lab 3 report: Pick up in front of ICICS 065. Lab Lab 4 report: Due is Apr 9 (Thu) 5pm SHARP! Lab I will neither return your final, nor disclose your will score individually. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR FINAL! GOOD 2008/09 MECH466 : Automatic Control 19 5...
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