MECH 466 - Lecture8-TimeDomainSpecsandSteadyStateError-2009W

MECH 466 Lecture8--2009W

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Unformatted text preview: blems. Specifications other than stability Specifications How to evaluate a system quantitatively in time domain? How How to give specifications in time domain? How What are the corresponding conditions in s-domain? What s- Transient (natural) response Steady-state (forced) response Steady- (after yt dies out) 2008/09 MECH466 : Automatic Control 3 2008/09 MECH466 : Automatic Control 4 1 Example of transient & steady-state responses Usage of time responses Modeling Modeling Some parameters in the system may be estimated by Some time responses. Analysis Analysis Step response Step Response 3 Transient response Transient Evaluate transient and steady-state responses Evaluate steady(Satisfactory or not?) 2.5 Design Design Steady-state resp. Steadyresp. Amplitude 2 Given design specs in terms of transient and steadyGiven steadystate responses, design controllers satisfying all the design specs. 1.5 1 0.5 0 0 2008/09 2 4 MECH466 : Automatic Control 6 Time (sec) 8 10 Time (sec) 12 5 2008/09 Typical test inputs Step function MECH466 : Automatic Control 6 Typical step response Ramp function (Most popular) Parabolic function Sinusoidal input will be dealt with later. 2008/09 MECH466 : Automatic Cont...
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