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ib_p05_roadmaptoprojectplan - 6 Results Copy the Excel bar...

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Slide Source of information 1. Title Employee Satisfaction Survey Results 2. Agenda Go back and create this at the end 3. Introduction Pull the paragraph from page 3 of the annual report that quotes our CEO saying that "Our people are our competitive advantage." Body - Employee Satisfaction Survey 4. Summary of Survey First paragraph of VP of Human Resources memorandum 5. Questions Asked Page 1 of the survey - list the numbered questions
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Results Copy the Excel bar chart 7. Employee Motivation Strategies Reference the paper, source, and author credentials Summarize the motivation strategies on 1-2 slides 8. Next Steps List the directives from the department head memo 9. Action Plan Use this slide to kick off a working session with group...
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