Biology 1 Exam 4 Study Guide Chapter 22-34

Be able to recognize examples of natural selection

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Unformatted text preview: can the Hardy- Weinberg principle be applied to test for microevolution? • Understand the Hardy- Weinberg equation: q2 + 2qp + p2 = 1 • What five conditions must be met for Hardy- Weinberg principle to apply? • Be able to recognize examples of natural selection (directional, disruptive, stabilizing), genetic drift (founder effect and bottleneck effect), gene flow, mutation. Ch 24 terms and concepts to know: Speciation Temporal isolation Polyploidy Macroevolution Behavioral isolation Ecological niche Biological species concept Mechanical isolation Hybrid zone Reproductive isolation Gamete isolation Reinforcement of species Barrier to gene flow Reduced hybrid viability Fusion of species Hybrid Reduced hybrid fertility Stability of hybrid Prezygotic variables Hybrid breakdown Punctuated speciation...
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