Biology 1 Exam 4 Study Guide Chapter 22-34

What conditions do methanogens live and what is the

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Unformatted text preview: Taxonomy Phylogenetic tree Polytomy Carolus Linnaeus Branch point Three- domain system Binomial Sister taxa • Understand phylogenetic trees, the meaning of branch points, type of data used in their creation as hypothesis of evolutionary history, and limitations in their interpretation. • What is the three- domain system of classification largely based upon, and why is the 1960’s five kingdom system defunct today? Ch 27 terms and concepts to know: Cocci Gram negative bacteria Chemoheterotrophs Bacilli Extremophile Chemoautotrophs Spirals Halophile Photoheterotrophs Peptidoglycan Thermophile Photoautotrophs Gram positive bacteria Methanogens • Know the differences in bacterial and archaeal cell wall composition, and the difference among Gram positive and Gram negative bacterial cell walls. • What conditions do methanogens live and what is the byproduct of their metabolism? • Understand the diverse nutritional strategies of different prokaryotes and...
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