Biology 1 Exam 4 Study Guide Chapter 22-34

What is the coevolutionary role of animals in

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Unformatted text preview: Alternation of Generations Bryophytes Homosporous Apical meristem Seedless vascular plants Gametangia Gymnosperm • What is the relationship among archaeplastids that gave rise to charophytes and then land plants (embryophytes). • What traits are in common for all land plants yet absent from charophytes? • What were benefits and challenges for plants to move onto land? • How did vascularization and true roots further benefit tolerance of land. • What is the limitation of spores over seeds • Know the general life cycles of moss and ferms, and differences in their alternation of generations regarding dominant generation. Ch 30 terms and concepts to know: Heterosporous Pollen Anther Microspores Pollination Ovary Megaspores Seed Stigma Ovule Seed dispersal Pollen tube Int...
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