Biology 1 Exam 4 Study Guide Chapter 22-34

Why were there major changes in animal and plant life

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Unformatted text preview: Banded iron formations Cambrian Explosion Cretaceous Extinction Oxygen revolution Plate tectonics Chicxulub crater Oxygen radical toxicity Pangea Adaptive radiation Endosymbiont Mass extinctions • Understand the chronological order of eons and eras of the geological record and general duration of these. • Know approximately when major events in biology of Earth occurred during Earth’s history, first prokaryotes, atmosphere oxygenation, first eukaryotes, first multicellular organisms, first life on land. • What major types of events drove enhanced rates of extinction and speciation, and why? • Why were there major changes in animal and plant life after 65.5 million years ago; what changed? Ch 26 terms and concepts to know: Phylogeny Specific epithet Basal taxon Systematic Hierarchical classification Rooted tree...
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