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Notes on Projects: (Starting with 4A)

page 291 o find duplicates query wizard o find

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Unformatted text preview: (field properties)à༎caption & requiredà༎Datasheet viewà༎attachmentsà༎addà༎choose file Project 5A - 2) Activity 5.03 only (Adding a Total Row to a query) ….. Page 283 o Total cost on hand:[Cost]*[On Hand] o Home tabà༎records groupà༎Totals buttonà༎arrow, choose “sum” - 4) Find Duplicate and Unmatched Records…... Page 291 o Find Duplicates Query Wizard o Find Unmatched Query Wizard - 5) Creating a Parameter Query….. Page 294 o CatName à༎Criteria rowà༎ [Enter a Category] à༎ run à༎ enter parameter à༎ ok & save o Creating a parameter query using multiple criteria à༎criteriaà༎ Between [Enter the lower On Hand number] and [Enter the higher On Hand number] Project 5B - 6) Create a Make Table Query….. Page 299 o Design viewà༎ Query Type Group à༎ Make Table button à༎make sure Current Database is selectedà༎OKà༎Run - 7) Create an Append Query….. Page 302 o Design view à༎ Query Type Group à༎ Append button à༎Table name arrowà༎ Runà༎Yesà༎Save o Design tabà༎Query Type Groupà༎Append buttonà༎Another Databaseà༎Browse - 8) Create a Delete Query….. Page 307 o Design viewà༎Query Type Groupà༎Delete - 9) Create an Update...
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