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Notes on Projects: (Starting with 4A)

The content o fileoptionstrust centertrust center

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Unformatted text preview: Query….. Page 310 o Design viewà༎Query Type Groupà༎ Updateà༎Update to row o [Shiping Cost]*.88 - 10) Modify the Join Type….. Page 313 o double click join- lineà༎edit relationships boxà༎Join Typeà༎ option 1 (inner join) o ^ option2 = outerjoin Lecture 7 – (Project 9B) - Export Data to Word o External data, export options o Select what you want to exportà༎external dataà༎moreà༎word (RTF)à༎open destination fileà༎insertà༎headerà༎save as regular word document - Export Data to Excel o Click down arrow of first word in queryà༎filterà༎External dataà༎excel - Export Data to HTML and XML o External data(or right click on object)à༎html o File à༎source (see what html looks like) o Exportà༎xmlà༎ data presentationà༎creates 2 files Lecture 8 & 9 (Project 8A) - Create Standalone Macro o * enable the content o fileà༎optionsà༎trust centerà༎trust center settingsà༎macro settings, trusted locationsà༎check allow trusted locaations on my network o create tab à༎ macroà༎action catalogà༎to find OpenForm (start typing open or scroll to find choice) for the comment action use that^ or start typing add new action box with quote (‘) o 2 actions: o fileà༎optionsà༎current databaseà༎...
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