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CQS 111 Relativism notes

S treasury department test of ventilation test

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Unformatted text preview: fett :“Front- of- the- Newspaper” test. o Wall Street Journal Test: §༊ Am I in compliance with the law? §༊ What contribution does this make to others? §༊ What are the short and long- term consequences? Test of Common Sense Test of One’s Best Self - - - Gag Test - Bank of America, The Federal Reserve System, and the U.S. Treasury Department - - Test of Ventilation Test of the Purified Idea The Case of Ken Lewis: o 2008 Financial Melt- Down o Ben Bernanke, Chair of the FED o Hank Paulson, Secretary, US Treasury o Merrill Lynch; John Thain, CEO The Parable of the Sadhu o Dr. Bowen McCoy- former VP at Morgan Stanley o Stephen, his friend o Mount Everest o Sherpas New Zealand group - Swiss group - Japanese group - Parable of the Sadhu: Lessons to be Learned? - o Conflict of Individual vs. Group Ethic and Which One to Follow o Instant Decisions Made Under Pres...
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