children and media assignment #2

3 the african american girl responds noooo

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Unformatted text preview: ds when she sees the beginning of the trailer for the first time. 2. The girl with the red bow quotes the part of the trailer in which a character says, "Primerose Everdeen" in the same voice as the character and looks towards the ceiling while doing so. 3. The African American girl responds, "Noooo (sarcastically)... of course I have," and then rolls her eyes when she is asked if she's heard of The Hunger Games. Response #4 1. The blonde shows excitement by jumping up and down, screaming and covering her face with her hands. 2. The dark hair girl gets excited at a point she's watching and puts her finger in the air for who she likes. 3. When the guys show up during the clips the girls always say oh i love him, or something about love and gush ove...
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