Loaves and Fishes LOI Jan 2014

Loaves and Fishes LOI Jan 2014

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Unformatted text preview: Loaves & Fishes, will continue to grow. The “Feeding 5000” Capacity Building Program: Goals and Objectives In 2013, Loaves & Fishes gave food to an average of 1,381 families per month (4,803 individuals). These numbers represented a 41% increase in the number of households served in 2013, as compared with 2012. This growth has not been typical. Though we were incorporated in 2011 as an independent non- profit, we previously operated as a church ministry starting in 2004 and thus have 9 years of operational history to compare our current growth. We have only ever seen this kind of increase in clients twice: 2006, which was our second full year of operation, and 2008, which was the first year of the so- called “Great Recession.” In August 2013, we hit 5000 clients in a month for the first time. Even should our client growth slow significantly this year, we project we will average over 5000 clients per month in 2014. The goal of our “Feeding 5000” Program is to build capacity to sustain this level of client need in 2014 and beyond. In order to accommodate the growing client need, we have set two goals: (1) to continue to expand our service hours,...
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