Loaves and Fishes LOI Jan 2014

While most of these are not official pledges they are

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Unformatted text preview: and (2) to continue to expand the availability and variety of fresh foods to our clients, such as meats and produce. Expanding Service Hours: In September, we added Wednesday afternoons to our existing food distribution times of Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and Saturday mornings. The goal of these expanded hours is to improve service to our existing clients by giving more choice and reducing waiting times during our other operating hours. Given the growth we have experienced this year, we project additional food distribution hours will need to be added within the next fiscal year (April 1- March 31). Our Board of Directors views these measures as one step in the process towards opening our facility six days per week in the future, which we envision occurring when we have sufficient financial and volunteer resources to do so. We believe that these steps are necessary to ensure that we remain able to provide food to all families who come to us for food assistance and qualify for our program. Food Variety: One distinction of our program is the quantity and variety of fresh foods we are able to offer our clients, made possible by the walk- in freezer and refrigerator we had install...
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