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Unformatted text preview: creasingly complex health care system. 537 children were given a “leg up” on a lifetime of learning through parent education that gave parents the confidence to be their child’s first and best teacher. 56 pregnant women, including teens, were given the best opportunity to have a healthy baby. 40% of parents showed improved employment. We served 65 refugee families settled here through the International Rescue Committee. The diversity of families served is reflected in the diversity of our staff and the services we offer. Six of our staff are bilingual in English and Spanish (including 3 bicultural staff) and we offer interpreter services in over 19 different languages. We traveled 54,823 miles and made 4,123 home visits impacting hundreds of lives and making our community better for it. CHiP’s Impact in the Batten Focus Areas: The success of our work with families is based on the holistic approach with families that address both health concerns and social concerns simultaneously. The realization that you could not adequately address preventative health care without addressing the many social needs that families have, led to the development of the approach used by CHiP. It is difficult to address the needs of regular health care if you do not have enough food on the table, if you do not have stable housing...
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